Welcome To Our Little Project:

This is your chance to get your.name@hash.co.uk.

Our email forwarding service is free, easy to set-up, and will probably be the most memorable '420 friendly' email address you will ever have.

We will forward your email to wherever you wish and you can update your account at anytime, so if you swap your email provider or ISP you can take your @hash.co.uk email with you.

Why have an email address that nobody can remember like john.smith69583@some-random-isp.com when you could have john@hash.co.uk?

Why does this service even exist?

Put quite simply @hash.co.uk is a product of idle hands during lockdown. If you want the long answer, you can read more about our little project later, but for now, get yourself started and join the 1000's of other users we are already forwarding email for.

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